Luvive CBD Monthly Subscription Program

Our premium CBD products are available for purchase with our easy subscription program. When you enroll into our program, you will get instant 25% savings on our premium CBD products. You simply create account on our, then select the “Subscription” checkbox when choosing a product. Then you can choose either monthly or semi-monthly deliveries.

No Strings Attached, so Set and Forget It – Your products will be sent to you on your selected frequency and you will automatically save 25% off the regular price. If for any reason, you would like to put your subscription on hold or cancel it altogether, you may do so at any time and there is no penalty for cancelling a subscription. Simply let us know at least three days prior to the renewal date. You will receive cancellation notice to confirm that your subscription was cancelled.

Going Above-and-Beyond – If we have any special promotions that exceed our standard 25% off the regular price under subscription program, you get it! In other words, you always can take advantage of our special promotions and never need to worry about unlocking additional savings.

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